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Captains of all Amel's
Questiom ? can we not use this very good forum for realy important inputs, and not ask question
about colour material numbers etc . I think our mail boxes are since some times full of not so interesting questions.
May be this questions shoud be answered in a bidirectional manner.
Please understand I'm not critisem this very good
forum, but often I think the users should first have a look in our very well updatede database. Thanks of cours to sv
BEBE , Kimberlite; Pat and all of the experts in Amel questions

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I know nothing about Renault paint codes. We are painting the mast
with Awlgrip Eggshell, it looks to be a perfect
match.There is a automotive
paint called Chroma One, I think made by Dupont. Automotive paint supply
stores could
probably determine the Renault code. Chroma One is also a two
part paint, I used it to paint my last boat and it held
up very well. The
awlgrip can be rolled and tipped and looks like it was sprayed on, although I
have seen some less
than perfect jobs.

Pat SM123

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