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"Mainsheet Horse" = "Mainsheet Track"

Hope this helps.

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Hi please explain what you mean by "horse tracks" I'm not familiar with that term. Thanks
PS I'm not able to down load photos from present position

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Please anyone has any idea?
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in the meantime added photo - File: SANTORIN 92, pic: Santorin horse track...

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While still the boat is under repairs, we have taken out the rollers off the track which they travel on as one was cracked and in general wanted to maintain and clean around. obviously after almost 20 years, both rollers need to be replaced - so far only cost... however, eventually the original model of these is no longer available and I was wondering which other make / model can fit in the existing arrangement (the bolts position), boat is Santorin 92...

I am also trying to upload the pics now


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