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Hello Kent,

Thanks for Your answer and for the congrats. I wrote the Type of engine in my Headline:
It is the Perkins M80T, 59Kw.

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Congratulations, Martin and Stenella. What engine do you have? As a general rule the diesels are meant to run at 60 to 70 % of max rpm under load. If you have a turbo charger you'll want to be able to run it at 90% of max rpm for 15min every 4-6 hrs to burn the carbon out of the turbo and exhaust elbow. My old 78hp Volvo was rated at max 3000rpm and my new Yanmar at 3200rpm. You should consider cruising rpm ~2000 to 2200 rpm. With my Volvo. I got the best fuel efficiency at ~2400 rpm. My experience (see old posts re: low rpm) tells me the SuperMaramus with 78hp Volvo were overpropped. It would help to know what engine you have. I have th specs on my repitched fixed prop for the Volvo on the boat, but won't be back aboard until May.
Again, congrats and welcome to the family.
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Hallo, I´m a new owner of the SM #34. The ship is in the yard to get a refit. I want to mount the three-blade- turning-propeller from Gori. But I don´t know the correct size of the original propeller, because I think, that another one is mounted. The maesure of my old fixed prop is 21/16 530mm. Another question my distributor wants to know, are the revs per minute on cruising speed. I felt to test it before taking the ship outside. Is anyone possible to give a correct answer? Thank you very much in advance,

Martin from Stenella,#34

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