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Ian Shepherd

Are you talking about SM mast paint or an earlier model? For my SM 2000,
Amel quoted me the following:

Paint Awlgrip Type 00B006G (White Amel No 3)

Hardener 000G3010 Awlgrip Cat 2

Thinner 000T0001

If the Renault paint matches, then it would sure be easier to obtain
here in Cyprus. Can someone please verify that t does match on a SM?


Ian Shepherd SM 2000 414 Crusader

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I thought someone once posted the part number of the paint on the
forum but
I could not locate it.

I need to touch up the base of my main mast and would like to use the same

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Eric, You may be correct, Amel may well have used a Renault paint. I
said ,
I just do not have any knowledge of Renault paints and plan to use
which I am familiar with and think cannot be beat for a boat. I am
sure Amel

could provide info on the paint.

Thanks, Pat

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