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Hi Mike and Chris, thanks for your input. I am pretty sure the holding tank cannot be removed so I think the only solution is with the holding tank in place, grind out the copper pipe and fibreglass in a plastic plumbing fitting. It would be easier to tap a thread for the fitting but no-one I have spoke to knows where I can hire or borrow the tool.
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   Not good news I'm afraid - I had a similar problem on the fwd holding tank on my Santorin, but worse, the entire pipe came off inside the tank!!
   The solution was to remove the tank completely, which meant a virtual dismantle of the fwd heads. Once out, it needed to be sat in the sun and kept dry for about a week, then all the limescale and sh...(you know what).. could be removed by hitting the sides of the tank with a wooden mallet, and letting it fall out.
   Then we removed both copper pipes and replaced them with plastic ones which were glassed in - remember the inlet pipe has to be longer and reach to about 8cms below the top of the tank.
   Then it is put it back in and replace the panels etc.

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From: Barry <seagasm@...>
Subject: [Amel] Waste pipe of the holding tank
Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 12:23 AM


Good morning, can anyone advise me how to replace the copper pipe in the waste pipe of the rear holding tank. I have discovered holes caused by electrolysis where the hose clamp secures the earth wire. Thank you

Tradewinds III SM #171

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