Re: companionway sliding hatch

kimberlite1212 <no_reply@...>

i would love to see a few photos especially the attachment point.
fair winds,
s/v Kimberlite

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Yep, I sewed a great canvas door with an oval window in it. I
attached the canvas to the fiberglass at the forward end of the
sliding hatch. I placed a sail batten inside the canvas at the
end of the sliding hatch to hold the fabric up so the sliding
could also stay open. I also sewed in insulating material (winter
coat lining) to retain my heat & A/C inside the boat. It works
great! And all I have to do is lift the canvas out of the way.
better than constantly sliding opening the hatch and the door a
hundred times a day! I even incorporated a zip-in no-see-um screen
for the days I don't need to worry about heat or A/C being on. If
need a pic, let me know!
s/v Stargazer
41' Sharki

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Has anyone figured out a way to close the companionway hatch
using the knobs.
when we are at a dock with the air conditioner on. it seems i am
opening and closing these knobs a lot while company comes and
aqny good ideas?

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