Re: [Amel] Washer dryer Thomson won't dry

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When we first bought our SM #248, we tried the Thomson Australe in wash plus dry mode and found it did not work well at all, and took a very long time, especially if on the genset.

So after that, we only used the wash cycle and found the high speed spin (1200 rpm) was extremely effective in getting the clothes amazingly close to dry, and only required a short time hanging either out on deck in good weather, or (on rainy days) on 2 lines rigged diagonally across the bow cabin to dry. We had great results with this even in the cold damp climate of southern Chile. I know this sounds strange but I was quite sure that the machine injects a small amount of water during the dry cycle. For what reason I cannot imagine. See if you can detect this when running yours in dry cycle. But, try just the wash cycle and I think youŽll be very happy.


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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:31:14 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Washer dryer Thomson won't dry

Hello, I'm going crazy behind the washer dryer: Do not over dry clothes.

The drying cycle begins, but after 2 hours I take off my clothes in the same wet way, and even cold.
Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? In Italy I can not find assistance Thomson ...

Ps are you satisfied with this dryer, when working properly?

Thanks a lot, Lorenzo.

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