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I have been covered by Pantaenius UK Branch for the past 18 years without a claim for 16 of them, being very impressed with their sales line under the now retired MD Barry Sullivan. A couple of years ago we were anchored in a north facing bay on an island with a forecast of southerly winds. A squall came through from the north in the middle of the night and we had to up anchor in 40/50 knots towing our nearly new dinghy as a charter boat was dangerously close. First the dinghy was upended and the old 5hp engine went and then the dinghy broke loose and was lost. Pantaenius was not generous but did pay for the cost of a new dinghy but only allowed 100 euros for the old engine BUT they deducted 50% under the terms of the policy as the dinghy was not on board. I thought that this was very mean as it was not unreasonable to leave the dinghy in the water but locked on with a long wire in view of the forecast. We had saved the yacht from being damaged by the charter boat and avoided the risk of being driven ashore. Their only saving grace was that they did not penalise me with the deductible. I was not very happy after all those years bearng in mind the 35,000 that I had paid them over that time.
Back in 1991 my then yacht was severely damaged in Newport, RI and I was very unhappy with my insurers but I suppose it was not their fault. Their loss adjusters employed a surveyor who produced a poor spec on which he got several quotes ranging from $55,000 to $212,000. With hindsight the moral of that story was that I should have employed an independent surveyor/loss adjuster although that is easier said than done as most surveyors get much of their income from insurers. In the event I had the boat shipped back to the UK where a good surveyor got three estimates ranging from 72,000 to 78,000.
I then had a meeting with the brokers and my surveyor and he astonished me by saying that he could not act for me during the repair process as the insurers were major clients of his.

Happy sailing, Anne and John, SM 319

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Hi Roque, I am insured through Topsail Insurance brokers (agents for Navigators and General (The trading name for Zurich Insurance PLC). I have used them for the last 7 years, ever since Pantaenius refused to insure me for a trip on our Amel from Ireland to the Antarctic and back. I find them to be most helpful and efficient (and reasonable). Their email address is; enquiries@... They advertise from time to time in OCC Flying Fish Journal

Regards, Peter s/v Pure Magic 433
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Hi everyone.

I have read a lot of previous posts about insurance and started asking for quotes. It is now narrowed down to 2 providers: Pantaenius (Mr. Keefer Ascher from Mallorca) and Assurances Maritimes de Lessee (Mr. Geoffroy de Lassee) which uses Groupama, a French insurer.

Our Amel 54 is in Spain - Spanish flag- and we will spend the next 2 years in the Med.

Price aside, has anyone an opinion, pros and cons, heads up or a firsthand experience with either one?

Thank you

s/v Atica. Amel 54 #110
Currently in Spain


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