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Peter Blokpoel

Hi Anne and John. Thanks for the tip, I did take a look at the file. Not sure the type of motors on the Maramu are the same, will have to look that up.

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The furling motors and gearboxes on the Super Maramu are made by Leroy Somers which is,I believe a subsidiary of an American company. The gear boxes are Minibloc MVA and the bronze gear driven by the worm has a limited life.To see if the kit on a Maramu refer to Files and furling gear where Ameliona has posted the maintenance instructions and these should enable you to see if the Maramu gearbox is the same. My boat has been used for about four months a year for ten years and the bronze gear wheels on both furlers are severely worn. There are two problems in this,one is getting replacement gears and the second is finding the right grease to refill the gearbox.There is a post listing the replacement bearings and oil seals but the bearings should be fine as their actual running time is minimal. The O rings are 71 or 70mm inside diameter by 2mm. The brushes on my motors are about 50% worn. I just had mine both serviced and it was quite expensive because although I gave them the instructions they did not read them and on return one leaked oil so I had to open it up to find that it was filled with oil not grease,they had replaced all the bearings but not all the oilseals (luckily) so I was able to see their rotten work and start trying to access the parts. There is also a post which names the right guy to get help/spares in the States but I have not done a search to find it as I am in Europe so I am contacting the UK agent listed on Leroy's website.
If you do stick with inmast furling and are getting a new main specify vertical battens and much less negative roach to get a bigger and less ugly main.

Regards, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319

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