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joseph mc donnell

Hi All
Out of curiosity, how does the machine vent the vapour during the drying cycle. Has it got a dedicated vent hose like a standard dryer, or does it vent through the waste water hose. Usually a dryer retains moisture when it is unable to vent due to a build up of cotton fibre causing a blockage in the vent hose. But, if it vents through the waste water hose, then a small amount of residual water will have the same effect as a blockage caused by a cotton build up.
Regards Joe

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When we bought our boat, the previous owner told us to only use the dryer cycle if we liked to wear hot, damp, very wrinkled clothes. We tried it once or twice, but found that it's virtually useless. It certainly isn't worth spending a lot of time, money and effort to fix.

Steve and Donna
Summer Love

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Hello, I'm going crazy behind the washer dryer: Do not over dry clothes.

The drying cycle begins, but after 2 hours I take off my clothes in the same wet way, and even cold.
Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? In Italy I can not find assistance Thomson ...

Ps are you satisfied with this dryer, when working properly?

Thanks a lot, Lorenzo.

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