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In addition, I suggest to change VHF antenna which normally works but the signal is reduced with years with corrosion and bad connection.

This antenna is not expensive and it is a security element.


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The local B&G representative(Jacques of Diginav) recommends that the wind vane
and anemometer sending units be lubricated once a year. He says any housold oil
is good and the lubrication is esssential to the long life of this expensive

When i tepped down my masts, 3 years ago, on the main mast, i changed, the mast
head tricolor light and anchor light with a Led system approved for up to 20
meter yacht, i changed the TV antenna, lubricated all rolling gear including the
top of the main mast furler with Superlube, checked the VHF antenna connection
and reprotected it.

Serge, V OPERA, Mango 51

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If the weather allows, I will finish painting my mast and step it next week.A
question: While the mast is on the ground ,is there any service that I should do
to the masthead? Thanks, Pat SM 123

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