Companionway Hatch & Liferafts

John Martin <jjmartin24@...>

To Eric on Kimberlite - To make your companionway door "quick opening and closing", screw a sliding barrel bolt under the 2x4 board on top of the hatch. Place the receiving end on the bulkhead. If you grind off the locking part of the bolt it makes it easier to slide the bolt in place. You really don't need to the lock the sliding bolt as you're only using it to hold the hatch up.

On liferafts - when the previous owner of my boat had the life raft serviced they put the lifting handle on the opposite end of the pull ring of the raft, thus the pull ring end sat on the locker floor. Consequently in one year with a little moisture in the bottom of the locker the entire aluminum pull ring had disintegrated, and the moisture had ruined the cannister inside. I had the unit serviced and the lifting handle put on the same UP side as the pull ring. I also put a heavy duty rubber mat (like a front door mat) in the bottom of the locker so the raft would not sit directly on any water that might be on the bottom of the locker. I now also open the locker now and then on a hot day to air the compartment out.

Also on liferafts - I was on Vito's "Wanderer" (AMS 283) the other day and he was showing me his new vacuum packed 6-man raft. It only needs to be serviced every 5 years and it is so light that one man can pick it up. Perfect for the Amel owner with deep pockets !


John Martin
SM 248 "Moon Dog"

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