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Thanks Joel and Richard.

Eric Maramu 105

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First make sure the
2 masts are straight in both directions/sides bring all the stays up going
around the boat. As the rig gets tighter using a mallet or wooden hammer handle
tap the wire when they no longer
Have a "dead" sound or if they have "ring " take another half turn.
Then take the boat put for a sail and repeat the process. Youll need to this a
few time as the rig settles in and the stays take a set as then rig will stretch
for a while.

Yes there are gauges to check the stays riggers have been doing it this way for
years b

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Joel, I took your advise and painted my entire mast, due to rain and pollen
its taken longer than expected but looks great and should for many years. I
will be stepping the mast next week and will need to tension the new
rigging.I just read your post and I was wondering if you could tell me how you
determine when tight is tight enough? Someone posted a while back to measure
with a stick the distance relative to the turbuckle. Any insight on how to
determine the proper tension would be helpful.
Thanks so
Pat SM 123

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