Anne and John Hollamby <hollamby@...>

The Avon 8 person liferaft on my last boat was OK when serviced at 12 years
in Fiji but the top tube was full of tiny leaks when it was tested in
Australia. My current raft is a six person model in a GRP box mounted in a
quick release cradle on the back of the pushpit.
I had the port side of the pushpit altered as I did not like the huge
opening to allow a rubber dinghy to be easily fitted into he lazarette as
we have a 3.1 metre aluminium RIB which only weighs 37 kilos. We believe
that an 8 person raft is too big and too heavy. We also believe in
visiting the raft service centre to see the raft inflated and how it works!

Regards from Anne and John Hollamby, Bali Hai SM 319 in

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