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john rogers <jsrogers@...>

Yes it is amazing how well this blog works. I met another couple last
summer on an Amel Mango, who replaced their alternator with a Balmar and
were very pleased. For me the project has been on a back burner, till I
check my cruising rpm, pulley size and bolt dimensions, etc. However, you
are prompting me to look into it further.


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Subject: RE: [Amel] Alternator on Perkins Prima m80

Hi john,
Wow that was a fast reply. As your SM is also of '93 and you are looking to
replace your alternator what do you think about the Balmar series 6 24volt
70 amp? Just curios...

Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 16:20:09 -0400
Subject: RE: [Amel] Alternator on Perkins Prima m80

I have removed the Motorolla alternator from my 1993 SM. While I am

looking for a match, I can easily make measurements for you.

John Rogers

SM #105

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Subject: [Amel] Alternator on Perkins Prima m80

Hello everybody,On my Perkins Prima mt80 I have a 30amp Motorolla alternator

wich I would like to replace with a Balmar 70amp unit. As I'm in the US

right now I would like to by it here, because it is less than half of what

it is in Europe. Unfortunately I don't have the measurements of the

Motorolla with me and here comes my question: Does anybody know witch Balmar

model has the same measurements as the Motorolla unit? Every suggestions are


Joel, your comments are aways a pleasure to read and we all wait for that


Eric, your hurricane story and your seamanship are both incredible....

Yossi, I was looking over 3 years around the world at every Amel for sale

(Maramu and Mango). Finaly I bought a Supermaramu for 145.000.- Euros(the

cheapest I ever heard of) but invested allready 30.000.- and will invest

another 30.000.- to feel confident with the boat.(all the work done by

myself) A seworthy Maramu will cost you 100.000.- Euros, everything else is

a projectboat

All the best to all of you,Rainer HuthmacherSM#69 "Yin Yang"To:


Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 19:38:23 +0000

Subject: [Amel] Re: Want to buy Amel maramu


Good luck. I think at that price point you will have a project boat needing

a major refit. Perhaps you may want to consider the Sharki. It's very much

like the Maramu except there is no toilet compartment in the aft cabin.

You will find it far more economical to buy a Maramu that has been updated

than to refit one yourself. Our Maramu had approximimately $130,000 USD

invested in it by the previous owner over four years and we probably spent

another $20K ourselves.

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Well maintained inside,outside,engine ext. and very good equipped for sea
going .

My budget for purchasing a boat is 100,000 (USD).

Thanks a lot



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