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S/Y Atica - Amel 54, currently in Spain

2011/5/15 sjors prins <sjorsprins@...>

good morning,
I just bought an older Maramu, built in 1978, She is in good shape. just
that the bulbs in the navigation lights are burned out. the nav lights are
still in good shape but I cannot find a replacement bulb. the base of the
bulb is bigger than usual, about 19 mm wide. regards,
George prins
these bulbs have Double Contacts on the base and the side contacts are
aligned on the same plane / level side contacts.
on the back cover of the nav light is written : mm 193 sn 25w. it is about
19 mm in diameter (3/4inch) Dr Led nor Sailers sam do not carrie them
Does anyone know where I could find such bulbs?

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