[Amel] Re: SM 93 Ballooner sails & Amel Electronic Manual

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Linda & Jim,

Yahoo does NOT post your email address when you use the "@" symbol. Instead, Yahoo strips off part of your email address only posts, "ldesalvo@" [see your message below]

Please either email me at bill"at"svbebe.com with your email address [substitute the "at" with an "@"]

OR, post your email address in a reply to this message using the following format yourname"at"whatever.com


BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Marmaris, Turkey

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Hello Bill,
I would also like a copy of the manual if possible. Our email
address is
Also thank you for all the informative emails you place on the blog
over the years.

Jim and Linda DeSalvo,
SM #307 Liebling, currently in La Paz Mexico

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I have a PDF file of the complete manual for a SM2000 which is
17,200k...fairly large file. Unfortunately, it is too large to add
to the files section of this website which is almost full. This has
the ballooner instructions as well as everything else for a SM2000.

If you have a good Internet connection, I can email it to you if you
will post or send me your complete email address in this format:

I do not have a great Internet connection, and believe I can only get
this out one time...anybody else want a CC, let me know.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Marmaris, Turkey

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I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has access to the Amel
manuals for a SM 1993 or newer which gives instructions on setting up
the Ballooner sails.

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