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Stephan Regulinski

How did you get it vacuum packed?

Delos (SMM #303)

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Hi All

After some research on life rafts, I found that the best solution
my particular needs was a windlow 6 Man offshore unit for the
following reasons.

1-It is consistently rated #1 by the sailing publications.

2-It weighs about 75 lbs in the soft case. Enabling most crew
to lift it out of the liferaft locker and deploy.

3-The life raft can be vacum packed (making it even smaller). This
extends your service time to at least 3 years and on a passage it
be stores on deck without worry of water intrusion. Also you can
most of the storage space unserneath the life raft locker.

4-Windslow was a good company to deal with. If you take into
consideration what you get and the money you save by servicing
3 years the price is not too bad.

Vito Ciaravino
Wanderer #283

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