Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Holding Tank Problem

Stephan Regulinski

Anne and John,

Thank you so much! I actually had to try this twice since my tube of
epoxy was old and would not set up even after 30 hrs. I cleaned it
off and replaced with Marine Tex grey which set up nicely in about 6

Next question: how long did this repair work for you? I am
cautiously using the head now and nervous about wether the bonding
will survive bouncing around in heavy seas.

Note to other SM owners: the aft head fiberglass pan has two holes
in it in the vacinity of the ball valve. If any of the holding-tank
plumbing leaks, the waste goes down these holes and then has be
cleaned out from UNDER the shower pan (yuck!!). I used plumber's
putty to seal the hole for the tube from the macerater and adhesive-
backed foam to seal the cover plate for the access hole. For me,
this was closing the barn door after the horse was out . . . but for
some of you . . .

Delos (SMM #303)

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