Re: BILGE PUMP NYLON GEAR for SM Bilge Pump - "Marina"

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Paul & Peter,

One more thing, but I am not sure about it...language difficulties!

I believe that Siggi ALEV [Alev Yachting, phone +90252-412-1712] was trying to tell us that the gearbox on the MARINA bilge pump is from a Mercedes windshield wiper gearbox.

I have limited Internet Search ability and no Mercedes dealer nearby, but I did a search and found this at Looks a lot like the motor and gearbox on the MARINA pump.

I am thinking that Siggi bought a nylon gear for a Mercedes wiper gearbox and installed it in the MARINA bilge pump.

I am sure there is some owner out there who can followup on this and come up with the answer...if your $900 MARINA pump is going to fail with something other than what is included in a pump rebuild kit, this nylon gear is going to be the failing part...worth a little investigation.


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