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Conn, I can echo the sentiments expressed about SSB HF radio. Having
been fortunate to have resold hundreds of experienced Amel boats, I
can tell you the most honest opinion comes from folks that have been
there, done that ,and are now finished and moving on to other
adventures other than cruising. No ax to grind, they are a wealth of
what works and what does not.

Nearly every last soul has said that SSB/HF is one of the best items
aboard all things considered. The webs and nets are essential and the
inexpensive if not as sexy (or fast!) data transfer capability of
radio make it a real work horse for the cruising sailor.

Many prefer otherwise, but one way to rig the boat the strongest and
to add versatility is to have a separate SSB/HF antenna, which also
costs a bit more than insulators last time I did one for a client.
Plus, if the rigger buggers it up and the rig comes down, you can call
him on your SSB with the separate whip antenna, and inform him of your
great displeasure...

I know folks in the group either love or hate whip antenna but one
client lost his rig and was able to alert those waiting that he would
be somewhat delayed so they wouldn't worry. He also had them start the
assembly of another rig without swage fittings...

All the best,

Joel F. Potter

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