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Pat we put a breaker between the batteries and the 24 to 12 volt inverter we then run the 110 v output to the 110v breaker supplied by Amel. If we get a short anyplace we are protected.

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Hi Pat,

If it were up to me, I'd always put a properly sized breaker on the distribution side of the circuit to protect the wiring (i.e. the fire hazard). A GFI outlet will work, but is primarily intended to trip anytime it senses the presence of a path to ground to prevent shock to a person. Usually, they are only used where there's a reasonable chance a person could provide that path, such as through the copper plumbing of a bathroom or kitchen. In other words, you wouldn't wire an entire house with GFI outlets to eliminate the need for breakers on the main breaker panel, but you could use a GFI breaker in the panel to feed all the outlets for added personal hazard protection.

How do you have your inverter wired to the 110 VAC receptacles? For example, Amel wires the 220 VAC receptacles from the inverter through the breaker on the 220VAC panel.

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Steve, Last week I was down below when a lot of smoke poured from the
starboard lockers. I found the power supply cord to the tv fried. The inverter
was on supplying 110v. the tv was off ,I guess the cord or tv had a short. I
just put a gfi outlet to supply power in the future . Is that protection
enough or should I fuse the power cord as well. I am very glad I was onboard to
shut the power off.No other wiring was burnt. I think the tv that are built
today always have current to them provided there is a power source even when
the power is turned off. Thanks Pat

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