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Another comment about Windless switches. An Electrician at Newport Shipyard
has recommended that I install a relay controlled by the helm anchor wash
down switch which will also activate and deactivate power at the windlass.
This will also prevent an accidental activation of the windlass, which
could result in the damages mentioned.

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Thanks everybody for your comments, I will change them to the deck mounted
switches, easy to get anywhere and I think they have less problems.I
realize this is something that you can´t wait that they fail to change
them..I received a comment of another Amel owner, that had this problem in
40 knots and 4 mts seas, the anchor went loose and the damage was Eu
100.000. The switch is Us $ 10.00.

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I would have suspected the switches on the top of the winch as these are a
Pochon/Amel "inprovement" to the winch and prone to failure and the type
used is not readily available in chandleries. It is very easy to disconnect
them and use deck mounted switches further forward so that it is easy to see

the anchor coming up.

Anne and John, SM 319, Bali Hai

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Hi Jorge,
Mine did the same. It hauled up the anchor on its own and could not be
switched off. even disconnecting the switches on the cockpit panel. It
would only stop when you switched it off on main fuse panel in the
forward cabin. The fault was the Lofrans control panel also located on
the front of the port side locker. This was relaced and all ok.
Dennis Woods IL Flauto Magico SM2K 408

On 29 May 2011, at 07:05, Jorge wrote:

Hi all
I have a Lofrans mod Tigres, and today after a heavy rain while at
dock,at 5 am my windlass started to work alone, Y normally tie the
anchor as a safety precaution, and so this time.
I I haven´t done it, this time, the anchor and chain would have gone
to the water. Wet switch ?

Any comments?
Jorge and Isabel
SV Excalibur


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