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Willem J. Kroes <w.kroes@...>

Hi Bob,

I also own a Santorin (1992) "Kavanga" and updated the propane system
recently. A friend made for me a stainless steel locker for 2 aluminium
propane bottles (6 kg propane each). The locker is situated in the rear
locker (where also the old small locker was situated) with the long side
against the bulhead and the head of the propane locker close to the starbord
side wooden construction. The locker is about 0,5 metre from the bottom on a
support. There is also a hose from the starbord rear side of the bottom of
the locker to the corner of the last step of the stern with a vent fitting..
I also installed a solenoid (Trident bought from West Marine) with a control
panel. Installation was straight forward: I pulled 1 wire throufh the pipe
from the locker leading to the charting area,. From there 50 cm back through
the second pipe leading to the corner of the corridor area.. The most
difficult part was to direct the wire through the pipe leading to the
overhead cable area close to the galley. I installed the conrol panel
adjacent to the AC panel on the aft bulkhead on the port side. The power
connection was fixed through one of the circuitbreakers of the DC panel.
So I ended with a switch on the control panel that gives a green light as
power is on the wire in the rear locker. To connect the solenoid at the low
pressure side of the regulator in the propane locker is easy.

I installed the new propane system in June and after a vacation of 6 weeks
to Norway I am still on the first propane bottle of 6 kg.

Best Regards,

Willem J. Kroes
Amel Santorin "Kavanga"
home port: Zaandam, The Netherlands

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Propane System Update

Based on a pre-purchase marine survey of my recently acquired 1993
Santorin, and a resulting requirment from my insurance company, I
have been asked to update its propane system. It presently has a
sealed propane locker but no solenoid at the propane tank and an
intermediate valve in the galley. The requirement is to add a
solenoid, to add a pressure test valve, and make the hose continuous
from the solenoid to the flex that feeds the stove. Does anyone
have experience or insights to share with me regarding the "right"
and easiest way to do this? Is it difficult to remove and replace
the existing feed with a continuous one? Thanks, Bob on Hanalei.

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