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Dear Amel Owners,

Not meaning to or wanting to pick on my friend and seasoned sailor Bill Atz,
but be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about deciding to use stainless steel chain. It
isn't as strong as high test but, more importantly, it is much more brittle
and prone to shock load failure and work-hardening failure. It's pretty and
doesn't rust...but breaks more often.

On older Super Maramus we used 8mm which is about 5/16". Now we use 10mm
and I advise owners of older boats to upgrade to this size. I believe the
windlass distributor IMTRA ( offers the correct size gypsy for
proper fit.

Hope this helps.

Joel F. Potter
Hull # 400 "MARY BROWN"

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> I am about to purchase new anchor chain in the States to ship down
> my 9 year old SM in the Caribbean. M. Selo says 8mm was installed
> when the boat was purchased. This is approximately 5/16" I
> I know link sizes are different between BBB & High Test. Any
> suggestions?
> Arnold Grubin

Arnold, It seems that many boats here in the Caribbean are buying
stainless steel chain in either Trinidad or Venezuela. The price is
still more than galvanized, but much less than SS in the US, and
once you buy it, you shouldn't need to buy again. I can't quote you
exact prices, but I can get you the Trinidad price with a simple
phone call if you wish; just let me know. Bill on Lady Sadie

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