Re: [Amel] Grease nipples installed in furler and outhaul gearboxes SM 299

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Photos are on the forum now.

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Subject: [Amel] Grease nipples installed in furler and outhaul gearboxes SM 299
Date: Wednesday, 8, June, 2011, 11:24 AM


Hi all,
Here is the process for installing grease nipples. I have posted photos under the name above.

Tools required: Electric drill, grease nipple, threading tap (plug type) the correct size for the nipples thread. drill bit the correct size for the threading tap. I bought all together, then I was sure they were all the right size. Two wine bottle corks, some grease.

You will see that the nipples are in the cover over where the worm drive spline that drives the gear rotates.
This ensures that nice fresh grease is right where the main action is.

Process. First remove wine corks from bottles and drink the wine, red or white is OK. (Joke)

There is a photo of my electric drill with a drill bit in it.
You will see that I have put wine corks on it. That is so when you drill in place you do not push through and damage the internal gears. Leave only enough drill showing to go just through the casing.
Start very short, then If it is too short, take a little cork off and try again.

I did the outhaul box while it was dismantled so put the nipple centre where the casing is at its least thickness. The main furler was done in place so you will see the nipple is off set. This is because the case is shaped around the worm drive and is thicker to one side. This ensured (being ultra careful) that there was enough wall thickness for the threading plug to do its job. I placed the headsail furtler nipple centre as I was confident of sufficient wall thickness.

Drill very carefully, you do not want to push drill filings into the gear box. Put grease liberally on the drill so that the filings will stick to that. Like wise when you are using the threading tap put liberal grease on it to hold the filings.

Once you have drilled the hole use the tap to thread it. The thread on the grease nipple is tapered so do not thread too far in.. Stop too soon rather than go too far, you can always do a bit more if you need to. Screw in the nipple. Using a grease gun pump in the grease.

Do not pump too much grease in or you will push the seals out. As to whether the old grease will come out. In my case I had had the gearboxes apart and cleaned out so with fresh grease in there it was OK. I just add a little every month.

You could if you wanted too drill another hole opposite and above where you put the nipple, thread it and put a plug in. Just remove that when you are regreasing and the old grease will push out. But not if it has gone hard. I wouldn't worry about it, so long as we have fresh grease on the spline and gear.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl
New Zealand

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