Re: [Amel] Maramu out haul gear box

Mark Hayden

It seems like quite a few people are tackling the problems servicing their outhaul gearboxes. I happened to notice the other day that the top lip seal was shot on mine and started on a two day project to disassemble the gearbox.

I tried just about everything to get the inner shaft removed, except "getting medieval with a sledge hammer" as one of the other owners demonstrated. After bending several 8mm steel brackets and breaking my puller tool, we finally succeeded with a 20mm thick steal bracket that was fabricated for the purpose. The nice thing about the approach that finally succeeded for us was that all the force was placed on the outer shaft of the gearbox, none on the boom or the other components of the gearbox. I'll post a picture when I have a chance.

I found the model information posted by one of the other owners here:

Manufacturer: LS Leroy Somer
Made in France
6015 Angoulene
Reducteur N 0256889
Type MVA M33C
Rduction 1/60

I have not been able to reach Leroy Somer via their contact page. Can anyone recommend a reliable and inexpensive source to order the gearbox or parts from? Any pricing info?

One other question: it seems that the outhaul gearbox causes more problems than the main sail furling gearbox. Is that right? Is the latter just less exposed to the elements?

thanks, Mark


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