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Dear Fellow Amel Owners:

With the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show upon us from October 30th - November 3,
we have received numerous inquiries from the Amel tribe on obtaining free
tickets to the show. I have a good supply of tickets for Friday October 31
through Monday November 3 available on a first come first served basis. My
own Super Maramu Millennium MARY BROWN will be displayed at the show at Pier
55 at Dock C-64. This is an "open entry" part of the show, you don't need a
ticket to get in. Just stop by MARY BROWN and I'll be pleased to give you
tickets for the rest of the show. Free shuttle buses run about every twenty
minutes to this area from parking at the Convention Center and on to the
shows other venues.

Again, I have a good supply of tickets, not a limitless supply. I don't
expect to run out but...Additionally, we spend a great deal of energy and
money to prepare for and to exhibit at the boat show. We may not be able to
visit with you for as long as we wish so please try and understand if we
seem pre-occupied. The first function of boat shows is to take maximum
advantage of this target rich, uh, I mean potential client laden
environment. The show will not be the proper place to request parts and
service nor to share in any tales of woe...there's a time and a place for
everything. Everyone at Amel is always more than happy to assist our
clients as best we can through proper channels.

Myself and Vela along with Stephanie Rullier from the Amel Shipyard in La
Rochelle will be aboard. We look forward to seeing as many of you as
possible during the show. Until then, fair winds and following seas.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter Cruising Yacht Specialist
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas
Super Maramu Millennium #400 "MARY BROWN"

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