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Thanks Chris, that's what I needed to hear.  I'll pull the motors when I clean the winches and find someone in Chaguaramas who can service them.

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    All mine are manual, but it is a good thing to have DC motors checked every 10 years or so
   The carbon brushes gradually wear away, and leave a residue of carbon on the commutator. This should be cleaned off and the gaps between the copper strips cleared of any build up. This is a simple but skilled job, so if you are uncertain, better get a good electrician to do it. If the brushes are worn below 50%, I, personally, would replace them whilst you have the motor in bits.
    Most DC motors use standard brushes, probably a standardeuropean size - your dificulty will be to find the equivalent, but there again an electrician used  to dealing with DC motors should have access to equivalents.

Good luck- Mike

PS: remember Murphy's second law of yachting   "Interchangeable parts don't"

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Thank you, Mike.  As KRISTY is 12 years old now and I don't think she was maintained the last 4-5 years before I bought her, I'm trying to go over everything systematically to avoid things going bad while I'm out cruising.  (At least as much as possible.)  I'll have a look at those bolts and drain holes while I'm at it.  Would you do anything with the motors themselves if all was working OK?

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