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Hi Kent,

I think you are worrying too much about your winches. They rarely break down, and if they do, it is no disaster.

But if you really want to get them cleaned professionally in Trinidad, try Winch Works, a fellow named Ian Chai Hong. Phone 633-5389 home and cell 774-0808. He is very knowledgable about winches - that's all he does. He quoted me US$75 to US$125 per winch, which was way too high for me. He also quoted me US$500 to overhaul the outhaul winch and gear box on the main boom. His quote included new seals in the box and painting it. He said he had a special puller to get the shaft out. I thought that was a decent price if the thing was actually broken down but it was working fine and I didn't think paying $500 for maintenance made sense. I believe in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Anyhow, I was very impressed with this fellow's knowledge of winches and of Amels. I just wasn't impressed with his prices. (Another reason we left Trinidad and went to Venezuela to get our serious boat projects done.)

Regarding your electric motors on the cockpit winches, I wouldn't even think about taking them apart to clean them or whatever. They are factory sealed, used very little really, and are probably like new inside. Even if they quit it would be a mild inconvenience. Head the boat into the wind and hand pull and hand crank on the thing. Also remember those types of electric motors are not rocket science and can be readily repaired in most any 3rd world country.

SM 248

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 13:26:01 -0700
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Thanks Chris, that's what I needed to hear. I'll pull the motors when I clean the winches and find someone in Chaguaramas who can service them.

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All mine are manual, but it is a good thing to have DC motors checked every 10 years or so
The carbon brushes gradually wear away, and leave a residue of carbon on the commutator. This should be cleaned off and the gaps between the copper strips cleared of any build up. This is a simple but skilled job, so if you are uncertain, better get a good electrician to do it. If the brushes are worn below 50%, I, personally, would replace them whilst you have the motor in bits.
Most DC motors use standard brushes, probably a standardeuropean size - your dificulty will be to find the equivalent, but there again an electrician used to dealing with DC motors should have access to equivalents.

Good luck- Mike

PS: remember Murphy's second law of yachting "Interchangeable parts don't"

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Thank you, Mike. As KRISTY is 12 years old now and I don't think she was maintained the last 4-5 years before I bought her, I'm trying to go over everything systematically to avoid things going bad while I'm out cruising. (At least as much as possible.) I'll have a look at those bolts and drain holes while I'm at it. Would you do anything with the motors themselves if all was working OK?

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