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A sea anchor Eric... we encountered weather that we had anticipated would be passing North of us and the grib file we had down loaded did not indicate such wind intensity but a passing ship was able to give us a weather forecast that made our decision for us. We had only just bought the para anchor so we were novices really at deploying it but I have to say it did a great job. We had not had time to sort out our 40m floating lines for the pick up bouys so had to use mooring lines but we managed. We will get everything to hand now before we set off for Lagos


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Did you deploy a sea anchor or a drogue?

Fair Winds


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Subject: [Amel] sea anchor

I do know that Eric is not a great believer in sea anchors and have read his
really good article about heavy weather sailing but having just had to
deploy our sea anchor and spent 24 hours bobbing about but perfectly safe in
a Force 11 I am so glad that we invested. I was just wondering if any others
had had experience deploying one and in particular any maramu's

Now safely tucked up in La Coruna on way to Med

Deb and John
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