Switching toi Propane

Marty Scheinberg <martyray@...>

If you plan in advance Amel will build a mini locker (typical Amel excellence) in the aft
lazerette. They would need an empty propane tank in order to build to size. The
mini locker would house two propane tanks. The gas line that runs from the galley
aft, would remain the same. However, a different size "Y" valve would also live in the
locker to accomodate the different type of gas. It would also be quite simple to switch
back to butane. In addition, an On /Off propane switch would be mounted in the
galley area [physically close to the butane switch (Ouvert/Ferme)] and the gas would
flow through both switches. I leave the butane O/F switch permanently in the Ouvert
position. I recommend a visit to the yard in Hyeres. My SM is "Rosebud", hull # 191.
More info required? Feel free to ontact me..
Good Luck, Marty

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