Propane Conversion


Hi Walter,
We ("DoodleBug SM331") switched our system from Butane to Propane 3
months ago. The plywood rack that holds the butane bottles unscrews
into its component parts. The base is lightly glued into place and
pries out easily. I put in two aluminium tanks of 20lbs and 10lbs.
capacity plus two regulators - all purchased from WestMarine. I cut a
piece of 3/4 inch plywood to match the base of the locker, with two
cut-outs to hold the base of the tanks.
The hard part was getting a fitting to hook the regulators into the
electric shut-off valve. I solved this by purchasing a connector plus
a couple of hose clamps from a propane supply store. This involved me
cutting off the connector from the butane hose and replacing it with
the purchased connector.
The burners on the stove require no adjustment but the oven burner
needs to have the air tube adjusted. We have the Eno brand stove and
it requires the air tube gap at the gas jet, be adjusted from 6mm
(butane) to 4 mm (propane). I used an appropriately sized allen
wrench to measure this.
Pressure test the system before you fire it up! We now carry 30lbs of
propane versus the Amel supplied 12 lbs. of butane.
Ed Steele

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