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Hi Guys the proper oil for the "c" drive is 40 wt MOTOR OIL not ATF.

The prop shaft turns inside the bronze bushings. Should you get a line on the shaft or bearing wear and the shaft and SS bushing come in contact you will most likely gaul both and damage the "c" drive. That is y Amel used bronze a bearing material just in case the ball bearing fail.


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Hi Kent:

I just posted the pic in a folder entitled Amel SM Transmission / C-drive/ prop shaft.

It wasn't me that made a SS prop shaft wearing-out ring. I have always used the bronze ring supplied by Amel. However, I didn't understand Richards comment on the stainless ring being dangerous. It is true that generally you don't want two metals of the same type as wearing against each other, but the wearing out ring doesn't "wear" against the prop shaft. The ring is just basically a sleeve that seals to the prop shaft with an internal o-ring. It provides a sleeve against which the lip seals "wear". There should be no rotation of the wearing-out sleeve/ring relative to the prop shaft.

Let me know if from the picture your reservoir is incorrectly filled with ATF. I am not sure of the miscibility of ATF and engine oil. If the reservoir has been incorrectly filled with ATF, when you change the prop shaft seals/wearing out-ring, once the seals are removed you should be able to use a small tube to insert along side the prop shaft to suck any residual oil/ATF out and then after installing new seals refill with the correct oil. I actually used an old pediatric fiberoptic bronchoscope inserted along side the shaft in this manner to inspect the gears in my C-drive. I am not even sure that the term C-drive is the correct term, but it serves the purpose as long as we are all on the same page of what it represents.


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Thanks, Gary,
That's interesting...there is a single reservoir on Kristy (SM243) in the location you describe, but it's full of transmission fluid. I have never traced it's hose to the transmission to confirm, but since there's no transmission fluid in the drive oil, I assume it's going to the transmission. There is no reservoir for the drive oil. I look forward to seeing your pics an will probably install a reservoir for my drive oil as well.
I'll install my seals as you suggest and see what happens. Wasn't it you who put the SS retaining ring in place of the brass one? I've had one machined, but now I'm not sure I should use it after Richard's posts.

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