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Hello Walter,

Joel Potter here. When you get to the Caribbean, you will find 220 volts
more often than 110 volts. The bane of your existence will be in collecting
the assortment of plug-in adapters...every marina seems to have different
outlets. Coincidentally, most dock masters just happen to have the proper
adapter for their outlets...they never cost less than three digits.

To convert 110 volt to 220 volt most cost effectively, get a "reverse-Y"
cord. It plugs into two 110 volt outlets to give you 220 volt and employs a
blocking diode so you don't get smoked. West Marine has one, part # 491985.
It's a Marinco product and Marinco's product number is MARCO 167RY. Retail
is 549.50, but I've seen them on sale for less than $400.

Hope this helps.

Best regards to the entire crew on LINNEA.

Joel F. Potter

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We have just left the Med, and we're going to Caribbean and later on
with "Linnea" our SMM 2000. We have not installed an inverter and are
looking for a simple way to get 220v from the 110 outlets in the US. I
that we will not be able to use the dish washer and the washer/dryer due
the difference in frequency. However, I have some recollection about some
really simple and smart way to get 220v from 110v.

Any advise would be great!

S/Y Linnea (hull no. 366)

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