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I just added the Varta Battery cut sheet with specifications to the Photo Section in a new album titled "Batteries."

You should be able to follow this link to the specifications page:

The A25 is the exact replacement for the Delphi Freedom battery installed by Amel.

Be sure to select "Original" view to enlarge the page.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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Two days ago in Piraeus, Greece we bought 13 Varta (A25) 12 volt 105 amp/hour batteries for BeBe #387.

These batteries have 3/8" bolt lugs that are in exactly the same location as the original Delphi Freedom batteries installed by Amel when BeBe was new. The case is exactly the same size in L x W x H. I was told that they were made by Varta in the plant previously owned by Delphi. When Delphi closed Varta acquired the plant and some other entity acquired the Delphi brand, or so I was told.

I paid 165.38 Euro each, or 2,150 Euro for 13 of these batteries including VAT, delivery, installation, and removal of the old batteries.

If you are coming to the Athens area contact Bobby at Elka, phone +30210 42 03 153, email elka"at" Tell Bobby that you are interested in exactly the same batteries that he delivered to BeBe at Zea Marina.


BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Greece

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The batteries you would like to replace (old Delphi) are the new Varta Hobby 12 V 105 AH
Pol 8
Connection 3/8
" 15 mm high
Varta Code: 811 054 057
These are the batteries Amel puts in all SM (Delphi) renamed now Varta Hobby 12 V

Varta is now a subsidary of US Company Johnson Controls but the manufacturing plant is the same in Europe.
I mixed 6
Delphi batteries with 4 new Varta Hobby with out any problem. I know dont do that; replace all batteries at the same
time, but it is the same fabrication spec.
The price here in Turkey was extremly cheap. 280 TL.
In Italy you shoud get
them for approx. 200 Euro

SM 16 , Krusadasi , Turkey

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Hi Lorenzo,
If it is of any help to you  the Delphi batteries were
manufactured under license in the EU by Varta and marketed by Numax and Vetus under their own brands. They are no
longer made by Varta.
Here in the UK Numax stock a similar battey: XV31MF Terminal  1 DT   which I think has both
taper and screw terminals but you would need to check if they are suitable as the terminal layout on out Delphi
batteries on our Sharki are Type 2. I think I will be able to re-drill the copper connecting bar to fit and use these
batteries when our existing ones fail.
If they are suitable perhaps there is an Italian
Good luck,
Sharki 181 Zephyr

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Having had to search for large group 31 batteries in Europe I know how hard
it is to find them. The best is to visit a store like perhaps a Giant or large automotive truck supply house. These are
big batteries with a weight of 30 kg each. DO NOT GET SMALLER BATTERIES. best may be to have a store order a full set
so they are fresh and the same age.


Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

"brokerage beyond your expectations"

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Hi to all!

Reading older posts
non answer to my question; does anyone of You can suggest me wich battery I have to buy to sostitute the 12 Delphi
marine 105 AH?

I like the Varta Automotive Deep Cycle 115 Ah, but it have the tapered poles!!

Ps I am in

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English, next times i'll write with Google trans! :)

Lorenzo, Sm2k
#420 Red Passion

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