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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Bill, on our SM 299 Ocean Pearl, the cable from the starboard light travels through the pulpit tubes to the port forard locker where there is a junction box up under the deck. Empty the locker and with a bit of body contortion you will find it. When you pull the old cable be sure to attach a mouse (a cord) to it so you have something to pull the new cable through with, or you can just pull the new cable through attached to the old. I have a slimy product called "cable lube" that makes this sort of job immesureably easier. Just smear this over the starting end of the new cable and it slips through so easily. Is Melbourne your name or your home port? I ask because I see you are If you are in Australia and have your SM in survey for charter you could make my life much easier. I want to have Ocean Pearl surveyed in NZ and if I can find another SM surveyed in NZ or Ausie I won't have to get a plan approval done.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl
New Zealand    

From: William <>
Sent: Sunday, 3 July 2011 6:36 PM
Subject: [Amel] Wiring path Info

Does anyone know how the wiring for the forward deck-level nav lights goes from the nav lights themselves back to their breaker in the 24v panel above the galley? My boat is a SMM, #306. My starboard light went out and I found that water had leaked in at the nav light fixture and that it had corroded one wire in the duplex cable all the way to where it goes inside the stanchion, probably even further. I will need to rewire it, or at least splice a new one into a healthy section of the original. But I don't know the path that the cable follows after it disappears into the stanchion and I am not on the boat to figure it out. Is there a convenient access point somewhere along the wiring path for splicing? Thanks.
Bill Melbourne
S/V Third Wish
SMM #306

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