auto pilot quadrant


Hi, This is Tom & Mary Ellen from the 1983 Amel Maramu "Aphrodite" currently anchored in American Samoa.

What timing! As the group has been discussing installing a linear drive auto pilot, I have a problem with mine. We arrived here yesterday & on inspecting the aft steering I noticed that the bolt attaching the activator arm to the quadrant is broken/sheared possibly from metal fatigue(?).

We had the auto pilot installed 2 years ago in California. We replaced the bolt on the quadrant for the Morse cable steering, thru the toggle, with the pin that came with the auto pilot. We did not tighten the nut down because the toggle needed to move as the quadrant went thru it's steering arc. We think, therefore, the play caused the metal fatigue. I was thinking of putting plastic washers between the toggle & the quadrant as a fix the play , what do you think?

Would someone know how Amel installed the activator arm to the quadrant? Another hole in the quadrant or another quadrant arm or did they bolt it thru the steering toggle like I have done?

Any help, suggestions, photos would be appreciated as we have no aft auto pilot at this time. Thanks group, Tom & Mary Ellen

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