Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] trip around the horn

ianjenkins1946 <>

Eric, above 45 knots you just press those little black buttons a tad, put Keith and Sam on the weather rail,( ok ,you can also fill your soil tanks if you are on Port, but that might spoil their fun......) turn up the stereo and keep truckin!!Ian ..... being boring for a moment..on the wind it`s going to be really hard work, much assisted by engine I am in Peru, a third of the way down to Chile, a windward passage of 2,400 miles, learning more each day about the SMs windward skills. Nothing above 25 knots so far but difficult, with a heavily laden boat, clean bottom, to achieve much better than 120 degrees between tacks when you take ocean conditions into account . You need to crack off to have the speed to keep going over the swells. Very comfortable,but not quite the same as an empty boat in a force 3 off La R or in the Solent .Off the wind above 45 knots I would expect real performance and comfort, despite deep reefs.We have yet to have those conditions in the SM but had 12hours of 45+, gusting to 56, in our Maramu, we ended up with just a deep reefed main going down hill and it was very secure. I think we broached twice, but recovered without difficulty, and you really appreciate the tracking abilities of an Amel hull.
I am sure there are lots of Amels that have had prolonged experince of heavy weather. It will be interesting to hear .

From: kimberlite1212 <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] trip around the horn
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 01:31:23 -0000

Does anyone know of an amel that has made the trip around the horn?
secondly what do you do on a s/m when the wind get above 45 knots.
sm 376 kimberlite

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