Re: [Amel] Amel maramu mast/boom corrosion

Patrick McAneny

Marty, Just painted my mast and dealt with a fair amount of corrosion.
First sand down the spots of corrosion as best you can, I used a multi-tool with
a triangle sanding pad, you will not get all the corrosion , brush the
spots with a small stiff stainless steel brush then you need to acid wash the
spots to get the corrosion out that you missed, apply acid for 2-3 minutes and
then flush with water, and as soon as it dries apply primer ,I used a two
part awlgrip primer. Sand primer with 220 or 320 grit as well as the rest of
mast assuming you are painting entire mast..You will probably sand thru the
primer here and there if you do, recoat the bare spots. I rolled and tipped
my mast and it looks like it was spray painted at the factory. Good luck,
Pat SM Shenanigans

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