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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Bill, good sense as always. For me the solar and wind options were fitted because I was not willing to commit to major ocean crossings without an alternative to diesel engines. too many boats (of all sorts) have got into strife over the years losing battery power when an engine fails for whatever reason. It would be a naked feeling to see your battery power ebb away and your lifeline radio and intsrumentation die. We had days of no wind (no boat movement) and days of no sun, but only occasionally no wind and no sun.. When I am potentially weeks from landfall I want more than one option. If I turned off the refrigeration I could be reasonably confident of running radios and instruments without the engines. When we were coming down from Tonga to NZ we heard one very distressed skipper relate that he was running out of battery power as his engine had failed. (he did get it going again)

Far from land I like the belt and braces methods and not too much reliance on the mechanical. At the end of our 16000 miles we were happy
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Thanks for the invitation, David. Judy and I have watched this thread and wondered where the heck it was going to wind up.

Our thoughts are not as complicated as this discussion has been. And, our thoughts are limited to what we are doing, which is slowly sailing around the world and stopping to visit the wide variety of people, history and cultures.

When we started we gave a lot of thought to energy and it was easy for us to focus on simple solutions like adding a wind generator or buying solar panels. As a retired CFO, it was fairly simple to build a financial model on the solar panels assuming that we owned a Super Maramu. The bottom line is that the payback on the investment exceeded five years including fuel, maintenance and depreciation. Most of the folks that I have met that invested in wind generators say that they wish they had put their money into solar. And all that I have met that say their wind generator is silent, are hard of hearing.

If you are a Super Maramu owner, you own a very good large generator, charger(s) and have a house battery alternator on the main engine. You are going to maintain your main engine and generator, so the only additional thing you need is diesel. Judy and I are power-using-fools averaging about 150 amps @ 24 volts per day. Since our total fuel costs are less than $2,000USD/year and less than 3% of our total cruising costs, we choose to focus elsewhere when trying to save some money.

With regard to the availability of diesel, we have found it available everywhere. We carried an extra 200 liters on ocean crossings, but never needed it. We have never had to haul jerry-jugs to fuel BeBe.. In out-of-the-way places we have always found an entrepreneur to delver fuel to us. We have bought diesel around the world in various colors and grades. Our choices were limited to what was there and we have not really focused on what we could have bought if we were elsewhere. It has cost us what it was selling for where we bought it. We checked and/or filtered it before it went into the tank and have not used any biocide...but recently started using StarTron Enzyme Fuel Treatment and seem to have a lot less smudge on the port side.

Regarding the shaft alternator, it falls into a category that "sounds good, but." The "but" is that we find it rare to go for 24 hours without running the main engine for an hour or so. So, why would I risk potential problems and 500 - $1,000 to install a shaft alternator. Frankly it will not give us enough amps to offset having to listen to the noise.

Hope this helps.

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Well maybe Bill/Judy Sv BeBe will comment on all of this since they are now
in the med and 3/4 of the way round the world



On 20 July 2011 16:26, Kent Robertson <karkauai@...> wrote:


Thanks, David. I have heard that diesel can be hard to come by in the S
Pac and thought I would need other means of generating my battery power.

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Hi Kent

You dont need a fixed prop you can use a MaxProp and 'force' it to stay
so you can have regeneration when you want it and no prop drag when you

Most people dont know that you can have the MaxProp stay open to drive a

IF you have a PSA then use it IF you dont have a PSA Wind and Solar
generation then the CBA for Solar PSA and Wind is very hard to justify vis
vis burning diesel....................IF you are limited in your ability to
purchase diesel (you are going to be sailing well off the beaten track)
then that will need serious consideration and may perhaps override the CBA.

I wonder if Bill would chime in here re CBA of wind/solar vis a vis burning



On 20 July 2011 01:21, Kent Robertson <karkauai@...> wrote:


Do those of you with wind generators use them when at sea? Do you see
problems with performance as the boat moves with the seas? I'm not
experienced with either wind or PSA generators, but with wind it seems to
the wind is driving the wind generator essentially independently of what
it's doing to the sails, unless the wind is coming from astern and
interrupting the flow of air on the sails. If you're dragging a fixed
it wouldn't seem to make much of a difference using a PSA, but if you're
using a feathering prop as many are, the turning prop would seem to me to
create additional drag.

I'm guessing that just the additional turning of the gears for hours on
end would, at some point, create additional wear on them. How much,
significant...I wouldn't hazard a guess.

When I do finally get retired and head to the S. Pac, I'll consider both,
and solar as well.

This has been a great discussion...thanks to all.
SM 243



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