Re: [Amel] Re: Maramu prop shaft alternator

Chris Smither <yachtakwaaba@...>

Very good points Bill.  

   A PSA was a standard option on some earlier 12v Amels on which  your engine alternator was your house battery charger and was rarely over 50A.

On a 24V boat, with separate engine and house alternators the calculation would be completely different.  Additionally, a 220V generator only became "standard" with the SM2000, (I believe - someone tell me if I'm wrong).

 It only goes to show that there is no " universal" solution

So as I have one already, I'm going to use it -  and also make sure it works properly!  I'd think carefully about installing one on a 24V boat, (unless it was standard) Certainly, on our ocean crossings it was invaluable - on the Pacific crossing it took the entire boat's cruising loads, day and night!

So I am a definite supporter of PSA's

 Thanks also, Bill,  for pointing us to this Forum - love the discussions!

Mike & Chris
SN 027

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