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As a former airline pilot I can attest to the fact that there will be more drag from a turning prop that is connected to a PSA than what you will have from a fixed prop that is not moving.

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Do those of you with wind generators use them when at sea?  Do you see any problems with performance as the boat moves with the seas?  I'm not experienced with either wind or PSA generators, but with wind it seems to me the wind is driving the wind generator essentially independently of what it's doing to the sails, unless the wind is coming from astern and interrupting the flow of air on the sails.  If you're dragging a fixed prop it wouldn't seem to make much of a difference using a PSA, but if you're using a feathering prop as many are, the turning prop would seem to me to create additional drag.
I'm guessing  that just the additional turning of the gears for hours on end would, at some point, create additional wear on them.  How much, significant...I wouldn't hazard a guess.
When I do finally get retired and head to the S. Pac, I'll consider both, and solar as well.
This has been a great discussion...thanks to all.
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