Re: trip around the horn

Stephan Regulinski


We have been in 45+ winds on several occasions. Upwind, we are
happiest with our ATN storm jib plus a little mizzen to balance the
sail plan. If you use the Genoa in these conditions you will have to
reef pretty deep and the sail shape not so good. Off the wind, we
have used the ATN and at other times, the genoa reefed to whatever
point it takes to keep boat speed in control. Both work. A note on
the ATN storm gib. Like reefing, put this sail up when you first
think about it. It is a little uncomfortable attaching this sail in
heavy weather.

Stephan ("Delos" SMM303)

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Does anyone know of an amel that has made the trip around the horn?
secondly what do you do on a s/m when the wind get above 45 knots.
sm 376 kimberlite

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