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Hello John and welcome to Amel ownership. I am a yacht broker and Amel's
marketing associate for North America. I sold POPEYE to Bill Klein and his
wife from a nice French husband and wife cruising team on a two year sailing
sabbatical from shore-side life. They had their two young children, almost
teens I think, with them and they were a very happy and close bunch of
passagemaking sailors having crossed the Atlantic after sailing part of the
Med and then circumnavigating the entire Caribbean before ending their
adventure as planned here in Florida. I believe their last name was Loick or
something close to that and that there was one previous owner but I am
operating off memory, a more and more unreliable source. The boat was French
"Orange Book" national registered originally and through the end or the
Loick's ownership. It was well kept but very much "lived in" and sold after
a few months on the market. I may be able to retrieve more information for
you as I am away from my office and my files for the next ten days or so but
I am not sure I have that file any more.

When I sold the boat it was in useable condition (that says a lot, many
boats, Amel's included, are certainly not ready to go offshore) and showed
signs of consistent care and proper maintenance. It had never been holed or
flooded and showed no structural damage. Housekeeping was average, the
interior was a bit beat up as is often the case when children are aboard. It
was a "happy boat".

All the best,

Joel F. Potter

Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist, LLC

Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas

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Hello all,

I have just signed a contract on Maramu hull 91 "Popeye". She is lying in
Brisbane and as soon as the sale is finalised I will deliver her to her new
home in Port Douglas in far north Queensland.

The previous owner, Richard Molony, apparently sailed non-stop singlehanded
from Panama, an impressive achievement. He has left the boat well but no
shortage of jobs to restore her, hopefully keeping as original as possible.
Headlinings, repainting and perspex are all near the top of the list.
Hopefully, wise and knowledgable members here will be able to provide some
advice down the line...

In the meantime if anyone has any knowledge of Popeye's history I would love
to hear it. After looking here I can see a previous owner was Bill Klein in
New York. The boat may have sailed from France to USA in about 2000.


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