Running both battery chargers at the same time?

Jose Venegas

I was told to use the 50 amp charger while using the generator and the 30 amp while using shore power to charge the batteries.

A few days ago, I was charging up my batteries with the generator, I inadvertently had both chargers on at the same time. I was very happy to see as much as 70 amps going into the batteries, nicely reducing the charging time compared to using only the 50 amp one. Obviously, at some time the total charge is reduced below 50 amp and one can turn off the 30 amp charger.

Is there any risk doing this?

70 amps charge to 4 24V banks is 17 amps per bank, which is still less than the maximum recommended current for a 110 amp-hr AGM battery (C/4=25 amp).

If I am not missing something, I think this could reduce the charging time and cut generator usage.


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