[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: trip around the horn

Stephan Regulinski


I forgot to add something you may already know about being poled out
in heavy weather. Although you can reef the genoa down to a scrap
while still poled out, there is the danger that pole will get dipped
in the ocean as you role. This has happened to me twice and it
results in the pole being thrown violently back alongside the boat
(chipping the gelcoat on the rub rail). The violent motion is a like
an accidental jibe.

Amel says that you can raise the pole about a meter as weather
deteriates and can cleat the foreguy (the blue line) on the cleat
just aft of the Lewmar turning block. This reduces the length of the
line from pole to cleat and therefore the length of stretch thus
reducing the chance of the pole being thrown back. I have yet to try
this second idea. Our procedure now is to raise the pole and if roll
worsens, bring the pole to the rail and fly the genoa without the

We like having the pole attached but alongside in bad weather as it
makes a heavy-duty hand rail if you need to go up to the mast.
Another Amel owner told me that he would attach his poles in heavy
weather for just this purpose, whether or not he intended to pole out.

We just sailed from The Gambia to Cape Verdes. I am in Amsterdam on
business and when I return, we cross the Atlantic to St. Vincent. We
spent the last three plus years since buying Delos in the Med,
Atlantic cost of Europe, various Atlantic islands and some of West

Where are you now? Are you headed for the horn?


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I forgot to ask-where are you located?

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Dear Stephan,
I have the ATN sail and as you mentioned it is a little cumbersome.
Next time I will keep it in the cockpit locker instead of the sail
locker. It gets a little wet up there.
I had my sailmaker add a foam luff and UV protection to my genoa.
foam luff makes a big difference when the sail is furled,
Fair winds,
Eric SM 376 Kimberlite.

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We have been in 45+ winds on several occasions. Upwind, we are
happiest with our ATN storm jib plus a little mizzen to balance the
sail plan. If you use the Genoa in these conditions you will have
reef pretty deep and the sail shape not so good. Off the wind, we
have used the ATN and at other times, the genoa reefed to whatever
point it takes to keep boat speed in control. Both work. A note
the ATN storm gib. Like reefing, put this sail up when you first
think about it. It is a little uncomfortable attaching this sail
heavy weather.

Stephan ("Delos" SMM303)

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Does anyone know of an amel that has made the trip around the
secondly what do you do on a s/m when the wind get above 45 knots.
sm 376 kimberlite

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