Re: Forestay Chain (or Tang) plate SM#353 Indecent

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I took a look at BeBe #387..saw nothing like your photos, but I have two ideas:

1.) LESS LIKELY BUT POSSIBLE: Is it possible that you or or the previous owner of this Super Maramu had a problem with the windlass or replaced the windlass? It is possible that anchor chain caused the groove. Your groove is the exact height of the chain which would normally pass by the Forestay Tang about 2 inches to Starboard of the Tang.

2.) MORE LIKELY AND HIGHLY POSSIBLE: The other possible cause is a certain type of anchor snubber. I see many people use a very short snubber which attaches to the anchor chain on deck. Most of these have a hook which attaches to the chain. If this type of snubber was used on your boat and secured to the primary bow cleat, it is very possible that the hook on the snubber would have caused the groove. Securing the snubber to the primary bow cleat would pull the chain 2 or 3 inches to Port and the elasticity of the snubber would cause the snubber hook to move to and fro etching your groove.

BTW, we use an 8 meter long large diameter multiplait nylon snubber with a stainless pelican hook on one end and a loop large enough to go over the primary bow cleat on the other. When we are ready to snub the anchor, we secure the looped end on the primary bow cleat and pass the pelican hook end of the snubber over the center bow roller to the chain, then let out another 8-10 meters of chain...this way the load is on the anchor snubber, the bow roller and the primary bow cleat.

It would be very much appreciated by me and I think all of us, if in the future you post at least your model (Mango, SM, etc.) and your hull will help us help you and help all of us by informing the group properly.

I hope this helps solve your mystery.


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We recently had a rigger onboard who looked at the forestay chain plate and said that the groove in the photos I posted was due to wear on the chain plate and needed to be replaced as well as the bolt. Having really looked at the plate once it was removed, there is no sign of rust where the grooves are and they almost look manufactored. Does anyone have any experience with this on SM 2000? The link to the photos is below. The rigger replaced the plate which does not look to be as sturdy as the original. He was not able to source the bolt.

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