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I have just solved a similar problem on my Santorin. It turned out that it
was a combination of a faulty STOP-button and a not quite trustworthy
solenoid on the motor. By replacing the solenoid and taking the STOP-button
apart and cleaning it everything worked fine again.


Santorin Salvagny

#79, 1993

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On my boat we replaced the shutdown solenoid on the engine and solved my

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Since new shutting down my Yanmar 100 HP engine on my Super Maramu 2000
(414) has been erratic. When the red stop button is pushed it can take
up to 20 seconds for the engine to stop. Very irritating and potentially

I contacted Amel when under warranty and they sent me an additional
capacitor to fit in the solenoid circuit. Frankly it made no difference.
The solenoid mounted on the engine side near the alternator operates
whenever the button is pushed and held in, and I have inspected the
connector to the fuel shut of valve. It maybe a faulty or sticking shut
off valve but I am reluctant to remove it till I have heard from other
owners who might have had the same problem.

Any clues please?

Ian Shepherd SM Crusader

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