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Jean Boucharlat

For whatever it's worth, the Maramu has never been marketed in France as a
48 footer, but as a 46 footer (I owned one, back in the eighties). I believe
it's only in the U.S. that it was seen, or marketed as a 48. Similarly the
Super Maramu is always referred to in U.S. literature as a 53 footer,
whereas in France it has always been considered a 52 footer (again I owned
one in the late nineties).
Could it be that meter to feet conversion induces some creeping growth in

Jean Boucharlat

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I own Maramu #179 and my boat papers say the same. I do have sales brochures
that say the boat is 48 ft. I have measured the boat and the only way it is
48 feet is from the back of the rail to the tip of the anchor and then it is
a little short of 48ft. I believe 14.19m/3.90 is accurate.

Fare Winds


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I have a small question, maybe someone can help me.
I own the Maramu #155 and need to know the exactly measurment of it.
On my Boat paper it is written 14.19m/3.90m but on many other Maramu's
that I see on the Internet the size is different.
I am not near the yacht so I can not measure it....
Can someone tell me if this size is correct?

Thanks a lot in advance

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